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This site was developed by Dr. Robert Spalding to aid the inquiring consumer to find services in which they can feel confident of their safety. Nail salons that sterilize their implements in an autoclave and utilize aseptic (clean) techniques for the ultimate in infection control.

Dr. Spalding welcomes your comments. You can email him at RTS9999999@aol.com.

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Dr. Spalding appearance on the Anderson Live TV show!


Dr Spalding:
"I am proud of Athena Elliott, MNT.  She appeared on Dr. OZ today March 2, 2015 and the first US trained Medical Nail Technician (MNT) www.Medinail.com who I certified in 2006 and she has been making great strides ever since . She is also cross certified as a www.ACFAOM.org podiatric medical assistant. Dr OZ is the first US TV show to properly promote autoclaving and gloves for use in a salon to protect the public.

10 Tips to Survive a Nail Salon Visit

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The We Sterilize site is the only site in the United States that aids consumers in finding safe salons who provide the highest level of protection via autoclave sterilization and expert aseptic services.

Safe nail treatments ARE available to you, the consumer, and www.westerilize.com wants you to know where they are located in your community. Call the salons listed in our Directory for safe and healthful enjoyment of the services.

The recent publicized illnesses, even deaths, perpetrated in salons by poor disease prevention techniques can justifiably discourage you, the consumer, from getting services which you enjoy and should be healthfully beneficial. These illnesses can be prevented by aseptic (clean) techniques and sterilization of implements in an autoclave. The salons who are listed on this site have promised they are using aseptic techniques and use an autoclave to guarantee sterilization of their implements before using them on you, the client.

Click on Directory for the list of salons who use sterilization. Clicking on the state or map, will enable you to find a list of registered salons that use aseptic techniques and sterilize their instruments to insure the highest level of safety for their customers. We encourage you to call the salon near you, and then go in for a relaxing service.

If you do not see a salon listed near you but wish to have services, click on Safety Awareness, then call to ask the suggested questions. Then, if upon visiting a salon, circumstances indicate aseptic technique is not being used or proper sterilization is not being performed, we suggest you do not get the service. Conversely, if you find a salon in your locale that uses aseptic techniques and an autoclave, please suggest they register on westerilize.com so others can find them.

Attention Professionals Salons

If you offer nail services that meet the qualifications for registry let us send consumers in your direction.

Westerilize.com is a free registry for salons within the United States that use aseptic (clean) techniques and sterilize (autoclave) their implements as important components of their disease prevention program.


To become a registered "We Sterilize" salon, please register here. Please read Qualifications to see what is required for your registration to be appropriate. If your facility meets the requirements, you can register for a listing and your information will be added to our database and available to consumers.



This site is designed to develop a listing for the consumer of salons that state/claim they sterilize all metal instruments with an autoclave and use aseptic techniques in nail care services. We cannot possibly know with absolute certainty if these salons are sterilizing appropriately with an autoclave. Also, can we guarantee salons are providing aseptic services as they stated when registering on www.westerilize.com . You as the consumer, must ask questions of the salon. (See Safety Awareness for the Consumer.)

If you see practices in a salon listed on this list that are counter to the claims stated, please email us at RTS9999999@aol.com , or call 423-756-FOOT (3668) so this salon can be removed from the listing.